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Izzy Qiku

Bekim Qiku




From the creators of Ovations Restaurant, the 2 Qiku brothers of Somerville, NJ, Izzy and Bekim have brought into their neighborhood, Social Contemporary Restaurant - Sushi Bar and Lounge. Izzy & Bekim often mistaken between each other by the customers because of their almost identical looks, painstakingly converted the Old Ciao Bello Restaurant from its old rustic ambiance into a modern-concept décor. Social Restaurant & Lounge offers a wide variety of appetizers and sushi to a fusion of contemporary dishes, where "sharing" is highly suggested. Entrees range from pasta to steak, chicken, seafood and risotto of the day and burgers too. Cocktail and food menus are reasonably priced. Attire is hip and casual, while gracious service along with the excellent food, encourage repeat visits. Come to SOCIAL where one cocktail/dining experience will explain its popularity.